Карта с логичен вход за монтаж в контролен слот ABT-XLOGIN-8C и за функционален слот ABT-XLOGIN-8F


The logical input card for a function or control slot has 8 control inputs which may receive signals from other systems in order to trigger a desired reaction of MULTIVES system.

Inputs of an ABT-xLogIN-8c/f card offer two modes of operation: contact mode (short / open contact) and monitor mode in which in addition to contact mode function, short circuit and opening of the cables connected to the card are detected.

Morever ABT–xLogIN-8c / ABT–xLogIN-8f is compatible  with MULTIVES Voice Evacuation and Public Address system which is designed with a view to a possibility of its versatile application – it is extremely suitable for both decentralized and centralized systems. The architecture of this system is based on fibre optic Ethernet connections between control units and other elements of the system which allows for its application in structures most extensive in terms of area and functionality such as air terminals, oil fields and refineries, commercial centers and office complexes. The system fully complies with a European mandatory standard EN54-16.


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